Sunday, April 30, 2017

Reverse Proxy Configuration

Case History: Implementing a Reverse Proxy Alone in a DMZ Configuration - R12 (Doc ID 726953.1)

1. Create a directory for External Tier INSTANCE TOP

cd /u01/appsr12/inst/apps
mkdir SID_appshost_external

2.  Create a new Context File for the Virtually External Release 12 Web Node

cd $COMMON_TOP/clone/bin
perl contextfile=/u01/appsr12/inst/apps/SID_appshost/appl/admin/SID_appshost.xml outfile=/home/appltest/external_env/SID_appshost_external.xml

Target System Hostname (virtual or normal) [appshost] : appshost_external

Target System Database SID : SID

Target System Database Server Node [appshost_external] :

Target System Base Directory : /u02/appsr12

Target System Instance Home Directory [/u01/appsr12/inst] : /u01/appsr12/inst

Username for the Applications File System Owner [appldeb1] : appltest

Group for the Applications File System Owner [dba] :

Target System Root Service [enabled] :

Target System Web Entry Point Services [enabled] :

Target System Web Application Services [enabled] :

Target System Batch Processing Services [enabled] : disabled

Target System Other Services [disabled] :

Do you want to preserve the Display [appshost:1.0] (y/n)  : n

Target System Display [appshost_external:0.0] :

Do you want the the target system to have the same port values as the source system (y/n) [y] ? : n

Target System Port Pool [0-99] : 6

3. Edit External Context File

a)Update value for server_ip to ==> SID_appshost_external

server_ip_address oa_var="s_server_ip_address"
server_ip_address oa_var="s_server_ip_address">appshost_external

b) Update s_dbport to correct value ==> 20101

4. Check s_config_home and make sure to be pointing to External Instance top

 grep s_config_home $CONTEXT_FILE
5. Make sure below directories exist or else create them, pointing to External Tier

s_ora_config_home -- /u01/appsr12/inst/apps/SID_appshost_external/ora
s_logs_dir -- /u01/appsr12/inst/apps/SID_appshost_external/logs
s_pids_dir -- /u01/appsr12/inst/apps/SID_appshost_external/pids

6. Check and confirm below values in External Context File.

 egrep -e 's_url_protocol|s_local_url_protocol' $CONTEXT_FILE
    egrep -e 's_webentryurlprotocol' $CONTEXT_FILE
egrep 's_webport|s_active_webport|s_webentryhost|s_webentrydomain' $CONTEXT_FILE
    egrep 's_login_page|s_external_url' $CONTEXT_FILE
7. Run with the external tier context file. This will create all the directories under new INST_TOP. Verify and confirm.

8. Update profile options to server-resp for external host.

SQL> @./patch/115/sql/txkChangeProfH.sql SERVRESP

9. Run on External and then on internal env's.

source $APPL_TOP/APPSSID_appshost_external.env

source $APPL_TOP/APPSSID_appshost.env

10. Check SERVER_ADDRESS in fnd_nodes for external tier -- should be pointing to external hostname(appshost_external):

NODE_NAME                      SERVER_ADDRESS                 HOST                      DOMAIN
------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------- -------------------
AUTHENTICATION                 *
appshost_EXTERNAL        appshost_external        appshost_external
dbhost                                                dbhost  
appshost                          appshost  

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