Sunday, March 8, 2015

Applying patches using adop

Using adop, patches can be applied in both interactive mode and non interactive mode


To run the patch in interactive mode, do not mention the patch number..Only mention the phase. This runs the patch in interactive mode and also the patch doesn't come out in case of any failures.
It waits till the worker is fixed just like adpatch.

Ex: adop phase=apply

When asked for any command line arguments, mention the following

patchtop=   driver= <>  logfie=<> worker=<>


To apply the patch in non - interactive mode,provide the patch  number in the command line

Ex: adop phase=apply patches=<>
In case of any failure, the patch exists out.
To re-run the patch, after the issue gets fixed, use the following

adop phase=apply patches=<> restart=yes 

To restart the patch from starting , use the below

adop phase=apply patches=<> abandon= yes 

Applying patches in Downtime mode:

To apply patch in  downtime mode, bring down all the services on run file system . 
Prepare, finalize , cutover phases are not required when applying the patch in downtime mode.

Ex; adop phase=apply apply_mode=downtime

Applying patch in downtime mode  reduces the overall time to apply the patch .

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