Sunday, May 11, 2014

Host based concurrent program fails with Error: No such file or directory

A custom Concurrent program fails with Error: No such file or directory
Basically this is a host-based concurrent program and a custom program ...

This custom program actually is a FTP process which transfers files from one server to another -- from and to specific locations.

--> checked if the program is unable to find the source directory/file it is trying to transfer ---  their permissions -- But that's not the issue.

Log file says it cannot find the Executable the program is trying to run


usdsop: exec failed during spawn/SID/applmgr/CUSTOM/***12.0.0/bin/***_ftp_out: No such file or directory
Program exited with status 1

Executing request completion options...

Output file size:

---> Checked the executable -- it exists and fine with permissions.
---> Played around with some more similar files but different versions.

Other programs in same location work actually.

---> Checked for any scrap characters in the file finally opening the executable script. Found few , removed them

----> Finally done a dos2unix conversion on it .

Re-tested the issue which went fine atlast.

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