Sunday, May 11, 2014

APP-FND-01931 -- Forms Issue R12

Forms Issue

APP-FND-01931 Your session is no longer valid or your logon information could not be reestablished from your session

Solution tried
 Tried following ::
Please use adadmin utility to :

- regenerate jar files - select YES when prompted to force generation of jar files.
- recompile apps schema to check for invalid objects.
- regenerate forms and pll's.
- relink all applications programs - specifically f60webmx, although relinking all the applications executables is advisable.
- recreate grants and synonyms.
- recompile menus.

- Clear Oracle jinitiator cache on client machine - typically c:\programs\oracle\jinit...\jcache .
- Clear browser cache.
- Bounce Oracle application services and re-test the issue.

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