Saturday, July 6, 2013

Exadata Offloading

Off loading is a process within Exadata servers where the data to be processed will be off loaded from database server to the storage server and part of the SQLstatements would be processed on storage servers.

Off loading has other benefits like reduction of CPU usage , reduction of Disk access time at Storage layer , but primary goal of Off loading is to reduce the Volume of data transferred from Storage to DB servers.

In Normal database, if a row is fetched from single column of a table, the whole block has to read in which the row exists,Off loading reduces this transfer of unnecessary data between storage and DB.

Exadata is though a Hardware & software combination on the whole, Software benefits be-little the benefits provided by Hardware.

cell_offload_processing is one of the Exadata parameters which reduces the processing time of a query/scan. True/False is the value it takes.

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