Monday, June 11, 2012

Accounting setup manager main page function is not available under GL

Under a GL Super user Responsibility, when users access the self service pages like Accounting setup Manager, they receive an error :

Function not available under this responsibility.


Run " Compile Security" program with Option :Yes.
Bounce Apache.

Issue fixed.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Unable to authenticate session

When trying to access Login Page of an R12 instance,We got the following error in the browser (firefox).

Unable to authenticate session

We had to close all the browser windows and open a new browser window, after which we got the login page.

In case, If it is after a patch and disabling maintenance mode, oacore bounce might help.


PCP/RAC --Run a program on a Specific RAC Instance

In 12.1 and later,

Other than the Target Node for a concurrent program,
We can specify the Target Instance on which a praticular program will be running.

To specify a Target Instance,
System Administrator Responsibility > Concurrent > Program > Define > Click 'Session Control' 

If an instance is specified for a program and the instance is up, a manager picks up the request and runs the program on this instance.
ie. though Concurrent Manager is connected to a different instance,  the request will be run on a specific instance.

If no instance is specified, then a manager picks up the request and runs the program on the instance to which the manager is already connected.

Parallel Concurrent Processing

Important points regarding PCP.

1)The terms and services PCP and GSM go together.That is to say, if PCP is set up in a configuration it means that GSM is enabled.

PCP can't be activated independent of GSM.

2)ICM can run on any node , it can activate and de-activate managers on all nodes.

3)ICM should be active all the time, TO ensure this, we have Internal Monitor which monitors ICM and restarts it , in case of a failure.

4)One Internal Monitor manager should be defined for each node.

5)Internal Monitor Processes are activated and deactivated by the Internal Concurrent Manager.

6)Primary node for ICM can be defined. This is the node ICM prefers to run if node is available ( any comments?)

7)Primary and secondary node names for all other concurrent managers can be defined.
However, If no primary node is assigned, ICM assigns a valid concurrent processing server node as the target node.