Friday, December 11, 2009

File System Interview Questions (FAQs)

1)      Which script is used to start/stop Concurrent Managers? What is the syntax? And where is the script located in R12?
2)      Where are the startup scripts log files located?
3)      What is the meaning of status 0, status 1, status 150 when starting services?
4)      Which is the default Oracle Home set in the apps R12 Environment?
5)      How do we set Default Oracle home to the home used by Apache, if required?
6)      Which Home is used for forms and reports in R12?
7)      Which Home is used for Apache in R12?
8)      What is the default Database version that comes with 12.0.4 Apps installation and 12.1.1 installation?
9)      How many products are brought in by default installation of Apps?
10)   Can a multi-user installation be done with a single mount point in linux?(yes or no)
11)   Why do we need to edit limits.conf under /etc/security for installation of Apps?
12)   What is an Instance Top used for? What are the practical advantages of instance top?
13)   A Shared file system has all directories mounted onto various nodes. Then do we need to have a separate instance top for all nodes? If so why ?
14)   What are the various directories under each Product_Top?
15)   What is difference of Common top in R12 and 11i?
16)   What is AF_JLIB parameter in R12 and what is it set to?
17)   Is FND_TOP/secure and FND_SECURE same in R12?
18)   What is the difference between and httpd.lock files?
19)   What are the runtime executables for forms and reports in R12?
20)   What is the plugin required to run forms in R12?
21)   What is OPMN and what are the processes it manages?
22)   What is the script used for managing OC4J processes?
23)   Where are the opmn log files located?
24)   What is the advantage of Jserv getting replaced by OC4J in R12?
25)   How many instances of OC4J exist in R12 and what are they? And how are they managed?
26)   What is the configuration file for OC4J and its location?
27)   What are the various configuration files and their location for Apache?
28)   What is the formservlet.ini file replaced by in R12?
29)   What are the configuration files for Forms in R12?
30)   What is the difference between APPL_CONFIG_HOME, ORA_CONFIG_HOME and ORACLE_CONFIG_HOME in R12?
31)   Where are the Diagnostic Log files located for Apache and OC4J?
32)   What is the difference between fndenv.env and devenv.env?
33)   What is the use of webapps directory under COMMON_TOP?
34)   What is the use of META-INF and WEB-INF directories under OA_HTML?
35)   What is an odf file and what is it used for?
36)   What are the following executables used for?
a)      FNDSM
b)      FNDFS
37)   What are the following parameters used for in an Environment?
a)      FNDNAM
b)      GWYUID
c)       TWO_TASK
d)      APPLCSF
e)      APPLDCP
f)       APPLTMP
g)      NLS_LANG
h)      PATH
i)        APPL_TOP
j)        FND_TOP
k)      AU_TOP
l)        APPLFENV
m)    OA_JAVA
38)   What are the extensions for the following files
a) Source forms
b) Runtime forms
c) Message files
d) pl/sql libraries
e) Concurrent Manager Log files
f) Concurrent Request Log files
g) SSL certificates
h) Network Configuration files
i) Report files
j) Driver files
k) Environment files
l) Perl scripts, Shell Scripts, SQL scripts
m) Java Archives, Java Class files
39)   Where are the log files located for
  a) Apache
  b) Adpatch
  c) OC4J
  d) Autoconfig
  e)  Concurrent Manager
40)   What is the use and location of files in R12?
a)      Context file
b)      Consolidated env file
c)       DBC file
d)      server.xml
e)      opmn.xml
f)       Apache pids
g)      appsweb.cfg
h)      default.env
i)        orion-web.xml
j)        orion-application.xml
k)      SSL certificates
l)        Adconfig.txt
m)    Topfile.txt
n)      Adovars.env
o)      Adjborg.txt and adjborg2.txt

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