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AD-UTILITIES Interview Questions or FAQs

         1)      What is an AD Utility? Why do we require ad-utilities?
2)      Which ad-utility do you use regularly and why?
3)      What is the pre-requisite to run any ad-utility?
4)      Do you need database to be up in order to run ad-utilities? Why?
5)      On a multi-node architecture, on which node do you invoke ad-utilities?(adadmin,apatch and adconfig)
6)      What are the prompts you get when you invoke adadmin?
7)      Why do you need system password for adadmin?
8)      Where is adadmin log file located?
9)      Where are the executables located for ad-utilities?
10)   What do you do when an adadmin session fails or errors out?
11)   What is the difference between .log and .lgi files?
12)   What is the script that runs when Compile Apps Schema in adadmin is started?
13)   Can we invoke more than one adadmin session simultaneously? If so when? If not Why?
14)   Which options do you choose to
        Generate Jar files
Generate Reports
Compile Jsps
Relink Programs
15)   What does Relink option do?
16)   What will you do if relinking has failed for a particular product?
17)   How do you proceed if a single Jsp or multiple jsp’s compilation fails?
18)   When do you need to run maintain snapshot information?
19)   What is the difference between compile apps schema and validate apps schema?
20)   What is the difference between generate jar files and reload jar files to database?
21)   What is the script that runs when you change maintenance mode from adadmin?
22)   How do you check in database whether maintenance mode is enabled or not?
23)   When do you need to enable maintenance mode?
24)   Why do you need to maintain MRC schema?
25)   What  does adadmin do when it runs Re-create grants and synonyms for apps schema option?
26)   What is the default character set in your Environment?
27)   When do you need to convert character set?
28)   What does copy files to destinations copy and to what location?
29)   Generation of forms failed through adadmin…how do you generate manually?
30)   What is the difference between fmb and fmx files?
31)   Adadmin is not accepting apps password even if it is correct password..why and what is your course of action?
32)   What is the extension of report files? How do you generate them manually?
33)   What is the location of forms and reports?
34)   What is the location of compiled jsps?
35)   How do you invoke adadmin session in non-interactive mode?
36)   Where is the defaults file located ?
37)   What is a patch?
38)    How do you apply a patch for Application file system?
39)   What are the different types of patches ?
40)   What are steps you follow before applying a patch?
41)   What is a mini-pack, maintenance pack, CU patches and CPU patches?
42)   What are various modes of applying a patch?
43)   What are the various options while applying a patch?
44)   How do you a patch a multi node environment
a)      if it is non-shared and c,d,g drivers are there
b)      if it is shared system and c,d,g drivers are there
c)       if it is non-shared and u driver
d)      shared and u-driver is there
45)   Can we invoke more than one patch session at a time? Why? Or why not?
46)   What does an adpatch do while
A c-driver action is going on?
A d-driver action is going on?
A g-driver action is going on?
47)   Can we rollback an applied patch ? How?
48)   What are b.ldt and f.ldt files?
49)   How do you check a patch is applied successfully or not?
50)   What is the difference between ad_bugs and ad_applied_patches?
51)   Where is patch log file located?
52)   A patch session errored out and which has already run for more than 3 hours time. On metalink search, it is found that a pre-req patch is there to be applied. How do you proceed?
53)   A patch readme suggests to apply it for R12. How do you decide if you can apply this patch for your system which is on 12.0.5?
54)   How many patches do you apply for a week?
55)   A patch failed while c-driver is going on. What will you do? Also for d and g drivers?
56)   A patch hangs for a long time while d-driver. If It is running a sql script, If it is generating forms, , How do you proceed in each scenario?
57)   If a patch fails while compiling jsps and relinking, how do you proceed in both issues?
58)   What is ad-controller?
59)   A worker hangs , What is your course of action?
60)   How do you restart a job? How do you assign a job to a different worker?
61)   How do you restart a worker?
62)   What is skipping a worker and how to do it?
63)   How do you check which drivers of a patch are applied ?
64)   When do you need to merge patches?
65)   Which patches can be merged and which not?
66)   Can a Payables patch be merged with HRMS patch? Why or why not?
67)   How do you merge patches?
68)   How do you check a file version?
69)   Adident shows number of line entries for a file version? Which one to consider?
70)   What is auto-config?
71)   How do you run auto-config in your organization?
72)   How can we run auto-config in test mode?
73)   What does do ?
74)   Where are the output files created when we run
75)   What is a difference file and how do you analyze it?
76)   What are the phases while running autoconfig?
77)   What happens in INSTE8_PRF phase and INSTE8_APPLY phase?
78)   What are the essential files needed for running autoconfig?
79)   What is a template file and a driver file? What do they consist of?
80)   How do you run autoconfig in multi-node environment (shared and non-shared file system)?
81)   What does autoconfig process do? Explain.
82)   Do you need to bring down your database while running auto config? Why or why not?
83)   Can you run auto config in DB tier while the database is up? Why?
84)   When do we need to run autoconfig?
85)   Where is autoconfig log file located?
86)   What is a customization? How do you know there are customizations in your system?
87)   How to preserve customizations?
88)   Autoconfig failed while PROFILE phase, what will you do?
89)   Autoconfig failed during APPLY phase, what next?
90)   Can autoconfig be run in parallel in all nodes of application? If so how?
91)   What are the errors you faced while running autoconfig? How did you resolve?
92)   Your XML file is corrupted and you don’t have access to backup xml. What will you do?
93)   Where is autoconfig script in database tier?
94)   You need to run autoconfig on Apps and DB tiers.Which tier will you run first?
95)   What is DBC file? Where is it located?
96)   How do you check status of a dbc file?
97)   Autoconfig fails when creating dbc file? What will you do?
98)   What are the options to recreate a dbc file?
99)   What is Admin App Server?  How to run it?
100)                       Do we require java to run autoconfig? Why?
101)                       What is cloning?
102)                       What are the pre-reqs for cloning complete Application file system?
103)                       What does pre clone script do on source system?
104)                       Can we run pre clone script on Apps tier when services are up? Why?
105)                       Where is the script located in DB and APPS? How do you start it in both ?
106)                       What is the precaution you need to take before copying the file system to Target ?
107)                       Where is located ? Where is its log file created?
108)                       What are the prompts asks for on target system?
109)                       What are the errors you faced while cloning? How did you resolve?
110)                       Can we clone a cloned system? How?
111)                       How do we clone a single-node to multi-node system?
112)                        Can we clone a multi-node to single-node ? How?
113)                       Do profile options get updated as in source when cloning ?
114)                       Which post clone steps you need to do manually?


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