Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Resolv.conf Also........Why?

Edit /etc/resolv.conf and the following lines:
options attempts:5
options timeout:15

In most Unix-like operating systems and others that implement the BIND Domain Name
System (DNS) resolver library, the resolv.conf configuration file contains information that
determines the operational parameters of the DNS resolver routines installed in the operating

The DNS resolver allows a computer connected to a network to convert alpha-numeric
domain names into the numeric IP addresses that are required for access to resources on the
Internet or the local area network. The process of looking up IP addresses from domain
names is called resolving.

The resolv.conf file typically contains directives with the IP addresses of nameservers
available to a host.

resolv.conf is usually located in the /etc directory.

This file is another text file, used by the resolver a library that determines the IP address for a
host name. Following is a sample /etc/resolv.conf file:


Name servers are queried in the order they appear in the file primary, secondary.

If DNS is used for resolving hostnames, we recommend that the fully qualified
hostname,including the domain name extension, be included as an alias within the host
file for both external and virtual IP addresses. In addition, the following entries should be
added to the /etc/resolv.conf file to prevent DNS failures causing subsequent
interruptions to the Oracle Net service:

options attempts:5
options timeout:15

Contributed by: Vinay,Varun and Kalyan

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