Saturday, July 25, 2009

File System

# ls
>> List files of a directory

# ls -a
>> Lsit hidden files

# ls -lrt
>> List files by date.

# cd
>> Go to $HOME directory

# cd ..
>> Go to previous directory

# cd ../..
>> Go back two levels

# mkdir dir1
>> create a directory called 'dir1'

# mkdir dir1 dir2
>> create two directories simultaneously

# mkdir -p /dir1/dir2/dir3
>> create a directory tree

# mv dir1 dir2
>> rename / move a file or directory from dir1 to dir2

# pwd
>> show the path of working directory

# rm -f file1
>> delete file called 'file1'

# rm -rf dir1
>> remove a directory called 'dir1' and contents recursively

# rmdir dir1
>> delete directory called 'dir1'

# touch -t 0712250000 file1
>> modify timestamp of a file or directory - (YYMMDDhhmm)

# ln -s file1 lnk1
>> create a symbolic link to file or directory

# ln file1 lnk1
>> create a physical link to file or directory

# du -sh dir1
>> space used by directory 'dir1'

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