Saturday, July 11, 2009

Enable Autoconfig in New Oracle Home

Autoconfig will not be enabled on the database tier when

Database tier not created by Rapid Install
Cross platform migration of the database tier
Upgrading to 11g Database
Upgrading the database tier from Applications 11i to E-Business Suite Release 12

Confirm if latest autoconfig patch is applied on apps Tier

If your instance is on 12.0.X and is not upgraded to AS patchset, Patch 4585869 needs to be applied in order to use the adbldxml utility.

Copy AutoConfig to the RDBMS ORACLE_HOME

Log in to the APPL_TOP environment (source the environment file)
Create file
perl AD_TOP/bin/

This will create in INST_TOP/admin/out

On the database tier (as the ORACLE user)

Copy or FTP the file to the RDBMS ORACLE_HOME
unzip -o
Run AutoConfig on the database tier and then on the applications tier

Download Jre from

Install JRE on the Database tier
under ORACLE_HOME/appsutil directory created in above step.

Jre is required by to build the context_name.xml for database

cd [ORACLE_HOME]/appsutil/
mkdir jre
cd jre

Install the downloaded latest update of JRE 5.0


As the apps tier jdk is on jdk 5 version ,
I decided to install the same version on db Tier
and later as part of the JDk upgrade I willl upgrade both the tiers to JDK 6 as required for the APPS upgrade.

I have tried copying the jre directory from 10g Oracle_home which worked fine.

Generate the Database Context File
perl RDBMS_ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/bin/

Run Autoconfig.

This builds the context_name.env file required by Apps Database under RDBMS_ORACLE_HOME.

$ tnsping SID
from apps tier to confirm the connectivity of database.

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