Friday, July 3, 2009

Alert Log file in 11G

From 11g,
the alert log is written as both an XML-formatted file and as a text file also.

Both these log files are stored inside the ADR home.The ADR root directory is known as ADR BASE.The Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR) is a directory structure that is stored outside of the database.

SQL> show parameter diagno

--------------------------- ----------- ------------------------------
diagnostic_dest string /u01/oracle/product/ora11g/log

The location of an ADR home is given by the following path, which starts at the ADR base directory:


XML formatted alert.log

The alert log is named log.xml and is stored in the alert sub-directory of ADR home.

To get the log.xml path


from sqlplus

SQL> select value from v$diag_info where name ='Diag Alert';

ADRCI utility to view a text version of the alert log (with XML tags stripped)

Text formatted alert.log

The alert.log is named alertSID.log and is stored in the trace subdirectory of ADR home.

To view the text only alert.log file


SQL> select value from v$diag_info where name ='Diag Trace';
SQL>show parameter background_dump_dest

The alert log of a database is a chronological log of messages and errors, including the following:

  • All internal errors (ORA-600), block corruption errors (ORA-1578), and deadlock errors (ORA-60) that occur
  • Administrative operations, such as the SQL statements CREATE/ALTER/DROP DATABASE/TABLESPACE and the Oracle Enterprise Manager or SQL*Plus statements STARTUP, SHUTDOWN, ARCHIVE LOG, and RECOVER
  • Several messages and errors relating to the functions of shared server and dispatcher processes
  • Errors during the automatic refresh of a materialized view

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