Sunday, June 14, 2009

Running RDA on Unix

Log on as the UNIX user that owns the Oracle installation. - Use this command if Perl is not available.
- Use this command if Perl is available.

To verify that Perl is installed and available in the path:
perl -V
Inspect the command output, checking that '.' is present as the last entry

An initial setup is required to determine which information is to be collected. To initiate setup, run the command:
./rda -S

Make sure you have ample space for RDA output (approximately 150 MB) in the output location you have chosen in above step.
Sometimes, depending on the size of your data files (alert.log, *.trc, install*.log, apache logs, networking logs, etc) of the Oracle installation the final size of your RDA collection may reach over 1000 MB in size.

sqlplus should connect to the database with the userid that you specified during the setup.

Start the data collection using the following command:

./rda [-v]

-v option is optional; it allows you to view the collection progression

The output is a set of HTML files that are located in the RDA output directory which you specified at setup.

You can review the data collected by using a Web Browser to open the following file located in:output_directory/report_group__start.htm

The final output is also packaged in an archive located in the output_directory chosen during RDA setup
-- the packaged output file will have a .zip, .tar, .tar.gz, or .tar.Z extension.

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