Sunday, June 7, 2009

Running Autoconfig

Run AutoConfig on the Database Tier

Running AutoConfig on the database tier is required in the following scenarios:

  • After migrating a patch to the database tier, the Check Config utility reports any potential changes to the templates.
  • After customizations on the database tier
  • After a database or application tier upgrade
  • After restoration of the database or Oracle Home from a backup tape
  • After a JDK upgrade on the database tier
  • After the Net Services Topology Information is manually cleaned up using one of the supported procedures(eg. fnd_conc_clone.setup_clean). Subsequently, AutoConfig must be run on the application tier nodes.
  • After registration of a RAC node.
  • After setting up the APPL_TOP on a shared file system.
  • All other cases where documentation says that AutoConfig should be run on the database tier.
Execute the following command to run AutoConfig on the database tier.


Run AutoConfig on the Application Tier

Execute the following command to run AutoConfig.
sh INST_TOP/admin/scripts/

Rolling Back an AutoConfig Session

Each AutoConfig run of creates a rollback script you can use to revert to the previous configuration settings if necessary.

The script and all backup configuration files from each AutoConfig session are stored in---

Application INST_TOP/admin/out/MMDDhhmm
Database RDBMS_ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/out//MMDDhhmm

To roll back an AutoConfig session, execute---

1)The database server and the database listener must remain available during the AutoConfig run. Only the application tier servers should be shut down.

2)Running AutoConfig may change your existing environment files. After running AutoConfig, you should always set the environment before you run any Applications utilities, in order to apply the changed environment variables.


AutoConfig logfiles are stored under:

Application INST_TOP/admin/log/MMDDhhmm
Database RDBMS ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log//MMDDhhmm

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