Sunday, June 7, 2009

Running AutoConfig in Parallel Across Multiple Nodes

From TXK 12.0.4 level this feature is enabled...
It enables AutoConfig to be executed simultaneously across multiple nodes , thus reducing the maintenance downtime.

AutoConfig can be run in 'parallel mode' by issuing the following command.

On Applications tier:
perl $AD_TOP/bin/ contextfile=CONTEXT_FILE [product=product_top] –parallel

On Database tier:
perl ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/bin/ contextfile=CONTEXT_FILE –parallel

Note: When running AutoConfig simultaneously on multiple nodes, the '-parallel' option must be specified while starting AutoConfig on every node. Otherwise the execution of AutoConfig processes on individual nodes will not be synchronized, which might result in inconsistent filesystem or database updates.

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  1. hi kiran this is varun as u said tht we can run autoconfig on multiple node at a time,think suppose i am having 3 nodes 2middle tier and 1 database so i can run on there node at a time or first middle tiers and then database aaaaaaaa


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