Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Report Viewer

The Oracle Applications Report File Viewer is used by default for viewing your text
report files.
You can also display text files in a browser or use another application such
as Microsoft Word. You define your default viewer by setting a profile option.

Set the Viewer:Text Profile Option

If the Viewer:Text profile option is set to "Browser" then reports are sent to a web
browser. If this profile option is left blank, the Report File Viewer is used instead.

If this profile option is left blank, a report or log file can still be viewed in a browser by
first viewing it using the Report File Viewer, and then choosing "Copy File..." from the
Tools menu.

Viewing HTML Report Output

You can view your reports with HTML output in a browser. Once an HTML report has
been sent to a browser, it can be saved to the desktop by using the Save As functionality
of the browser.

HTML reports are displayed by the browser in the character set

of the server. This character set may or may not match the character set
on the client. Therefore, it may be necessary to convert the output to the
client character set when saving the report.
If the browser supports
character set conversion with Save As, there will be a poplist in the
Save As dialog box. The user can then choose an encoding which
matches the client character set.

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