Saturday, June 6, 2009

Refreshing a target system

Backup the target context file on the target system before refreshing the dbTier or appsTier.

To refresh the target system, perform the following steps as described in previous sections:

  1. Prepare the Source System
  2. Copy the Source System to the Target System
    • Copy the application tier file system if the APPL_TOP, COMMON_TOP, or tech stack needs to be refreshed. Copy the portion of the application tier file system that has been updated.
    • Copy the database node file system if the RDBMS ORACLE_HOME or the database needs to be refreshed. If refreshing the database, the ORACLE_HOME should be refreshed at the same time.
  3. Configure the Target System
    Specify the existing target system context file when running commands:
    • perl dbTier
      where Database target context file is:
    • perl appsTier
      where Appltop target context file is:
  4. Finishing Tasks

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