Sunday, June 14, 2009

RDA Installation

Remote Diagnostic Agent

RDA is a command-line diagnostic tool that is executed by an engine written in the Perl programming language. RDA provides a unified package of support diagnostics tools and preventive solutions .

Data captured provides Oracle Support with a comprehensive picture of the customer's environment which aids in problem diagnosis.

314422.1 is the Metalink Note where you can get every Information about RDA
including Installation Instructions for Different Version of Operating Systems,
Download Links for them and also
Steps on How to Run the RDA on various platforms
and Trouble shooting Guide ofcourse...

For Linux-x86 platform the relevant patch number for downloading RDA is 8548777.

Installation Instructions For Linux:

>>>>Choose or create a directory or area on your UNIX server.
Make sure you have sufficient space for the RDA output (~150MB).

>>>> It does not matter where you create this directory or what it is named, but the same user that runs RDA must own it. Do not use a directory that contains an older version of RDA unless you have deleted the previous version of RDA first. If necessary, you can reuse prior setup files.

>>>>Copy or FTP the file to your UNIX server in binary mode and place it in the directory chosen in above step.

>>>>Extract the .zip archive contents into a new directory, preserving the directory structure of the archive.
>>>>Make sure the RDA command ( and is executable. To verify,
chmod +x rda

>>>>verify the RDA installation using
rda -cv

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