Sunday, June 7, 2009


A.The concurrent manager log files can be located in one of the following

1. If the environment variable $APPLCSF is set, the default location

2. If the environment variable $APPLCSF is not set, the logs go to

The default name of the concurrent manager log files is std.mgr. You
can change these by setting the parameter logfile=name


The logfile=sid parameters can be appended for additional
functionality. This parameter allows you to specify the name of the
log file. The default name of the log file is std.mgr.

C. The Diag=Y parameter allows you to add debugging information into the
concurrent log files for troubleshooting.

Manager Log Files:

Standard manager log: wXXXXXX.mgr
Transaction manager log: tXXXXXX.mgr
Conflict Resolution manager log: cXXXXXX.mgr

Where: XXXXXX is the concurrent process id of the manager

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