Sunday, June 7, 2009

Generate Forms,libraries,Menus

It might be necessary to generate forms,libraries and menus after applying a patch or to resolve many issues.

In 11.5.x the executable to generate is f60gen, whereas now in 12.x ,it is or (motif)

The command line is :

forms_executable module=source_form_name userid=APPS/APPS_password
output_file=executable_form_name module_type=form batch=yes compile_all=special

Example: module=/TEST/testappl/au/12.0/forms/US/ARXTWMAI.fmb
userid=APPS/APPS output_file=/TEST/testappl/ar/12.0/forms/US/ARXTWMAI.fmx
module_type=form compile_all=special

If many forms have to be generated adadmin can be used,
Also can be generated through Forms Designer, if you have access to dependent modules
and can connect to database.

In case of errors:

FRM-10054: Cannot attach library ...
FRM-10083: Cannot Open ...
FRM-18108: Failed to load the following objects...

FORMS_PATH variable,
it must contain at least resource paths where reside libraries (*.pll, *.plx files)
and directories where reside form source files (*.fmb).

Generation of Library:

module_type =library compile_all=special

Example : module=/TEST/testappl/au/12.0/resource/APPCORE.pll userid=APPS/APPS
output_file=/TEST/testappl/au/12.0/resource/APPCORE.plx module_type=library compile_all=special

Generation of Menu:

Syntax is:

forms_executable module=source_menu_name userid=APPS/APPS_password
output_file=executable_menu_name module_type=menu batch=yes compile_all=special

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