Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Function not available for this responsibility

Error Faced:

Function is not available for this responsibility.Contact your system
Administrator or change the responsibility


When a custom module is defined and forms are being run from this custom_top,

Forms dont run from custom top in servlet mode but run in socket mode....this is because in servlet mode the environment is read from the file


The location of the FMX files is determined by the value set for CUSTOM_TOP. If
this location is not found the error as seen is raised.

To get the custom_top defined in default.env the following steps are to be followed:


1.Submit the "Compile Security" Concurrent program with the parameter
everything set to Yes to verify that all the menu functions are compiled

2.Create your-own AutoConfig template file

2.1 Define a product_top

Use the Oracle Applications Manager Context Editor to add your custom
product_top to the context file.

This will add the CUSTOM_TOP to the .xml file, so it picked up when the
default.env is created by Autoconfig

Or if you are well acquainted with Auto-config and Context_name.xml, add the Custom top manually to Context_name.xml using any editor and save.

3.Run AutoConfig

4.Restart apps services


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