Thursday, June 11, 2009

FSG Data Transfer using Database links

Responsibility = General Ledger Super User GUI
GUI Navigation = Setup/System/Database Links
Program Name = RGXGDDBL (Define Database Links)

1. Navigate to the Define Database Links form.

2. Click on the [New Database Link] button.

3. After completing the fields in the Create Database Link pop-up
window, you click on [OK]

Pre-requisite is creating a DB link in database to get the LOV of the DB link in the

Grant create database link to apps_user
where apps_user is your APPS account name.

The following syntax can be used to create a database link:

create [public] database link link_name connect to username
identified by password using service_name;

The name of the database link should match the global name of the
target database if GLOBAL_NAMES=TRUE.

IF found,
the global name on the production database is same as the test database,
Database link cannot be created,
change the global name, the database link works.

To check the global name on the source and target databases,
execute the following SQL statement:

Select * from global_name;

To change the global name, execute the following SQL statement:

Alter database rename global_name to new_name;

To Create DB link ,
verify there are entries in the source and target database
tnsnames.ora files for both the source and target databases.

Examples for creating DB Links:

Tnsnames entry has to be something like---
Alias =
(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(Host = xx.xx.xx.xx)(Port = 1558))
create database link link1
connect to targetdbuser
identified by passwd
using 'alias';

or directly use the connection string to create DB link..

create database link link1
connect to targetdbuser
identified by passwd


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