Sunday, June 14, 2009

FNDLOAD Overview

FNDLOAD can download data from an application into a portable, editable text file.
This file can then be uploaded into any other database to copy the data.

Conversion between database store and file format is specified by a configuration file that is read by the loader.
It downloads data from a database according to a configuration (.lct) file, and converts the data into a data file (.ldt file). The Generic Loader can then upload this data to another database using a configuration file.

The loader operates in one of two modes: download or upload.
In the download mode, data is downloaded from the database to a text file;
in the upload mode, data is uploaded from a text file to the database.

The same configuration file may be used for both uploading and downloading.

When downloading, the Generic Loader creates a second file, called the data file that contains the structured data selected for downloading. The data file has a standard syntax for representing the data that has been downloaded. When uploading, the Generic Loader reads a data file to get the data that it is to upload. In most cases, the data file was produced by a previous download, but may have come from another source. The data file cannot be interpreted without the corresponding configuration file available.

These are the extensive list which can be done through FNDLOAD
· Concurrent Programs, Executables
· Request Groups, Request Sets
· Profile Options
· Key and Descriptive Flexfields
· Menus and Responsibilities
· Forms and Form Functions
· Attachments
· Messages
· Value Sets and Values
· Lookup Types
· User Responsibilities
· Printer Definitions
· FND Dictionary
· Help Configuration
· Document Sequences
· Alerts
· Concurrent Manager Schedules


  1. hi kiram,
    In which top i have to write this command and can i give any name to the .lct and .ldt files

  2. 1)Usually the lct files are available at location

    There are specific LCTs for specific entities to download/upload.

    For example, we use afcpprog.lct for Concurrent programs.

    2) Fot ldt files , u can give any name and use the same name when upload too.

    Please visit,

    for more


  3. And also, as long as your Environment is sourced , you can run this command anywhere providing the complete location of lct and ldt files.

    Log files are created wherever you run this command ie same location.

  4. Thanks for u r information!!!!!


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