Sunday, June 14, 2009

Diagnostics Collection/Execution

Execution of Diagnostics ---Metalink Note ID: 358831.1

To execute E-Business Suite Diagnostics in Release 12.0.6 and higher.
  1. Login to E-Business Suite using your username/password
  2. Select the "Application Diagnostics" responsibility
  3. Click Diagnose in the right hand side menu
  4. From the 'Diagnose' tab, under 'Tests', Click 'Select Application' button and using the LOV, select search criteria (application name or application shortname)
  5. Enter search criteria, click 'Go'
  6. Select the desired application(s) from the list below, and click 'Select'
  7. Expand group(s), select the test(s) you wish to execute and click 'Execute'
  8. Enter parameters (as required) and click 'Select'.
    • Use the 'list of values' to help in your parameter selection.
    • If multiple tests are selected, click the icon in 'Test Inputs' column followed by 'Add Another Row' to enter parameters. Click 'Add Another row' for each occurance of that test
    • .
  9. Click 'Submit'
  10. Click the 'Refresh' button for execution status. When the execution is complete, the 'Status' field in the 'Request Details' section will show as 'Completed'. The report is now available for viewing and download by clicking the icon in the respective 'View Report' or 'Download Report' column in the 'Execution Details' section.
    When executing mulitple tests, click the number in the 'Total Executions' column to select the specific report.
235307.1 is the metalink note id for Diagnostics FAQ and Troubleshooting Guide

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