Sunday, June 7, 2009


The following SQL scripts located under $FND_TOP/sql are useful when 
diagnosing concurrent manager problems:

1. afimchk.sql Tells the status of the ICM and PMON method

2. afcmstat.sql Lists active manager processes

3. afrqrun.sql Lists all the running, waiting and terminating

4. afrqwait.sql Lists requests that are constrained and waiting
for the ICM to release them

5. afrqscm.sql Prints log file name of managers that can run a
given request. It can be used to check for possible
errors when a request stays in pending status. It
requires a request id value.

6. afcmcreq.sql Prints the log file name of the manager that processed
the request

7. afrqstat.sql Summary of completed concurrent requests grouped by
completion status and execution type. It requires
number of days prior to today on which to report

8. afimlock.sql Lists locks that the ICM is waiting to get

9. afcmrrq.sql Lists managers that currently are running a request


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