Monday, June 8, 2009

Custom Module Registration

Process Steps for Custom Module Registration

1) Register the Application ( For Example : XXXCustom Application – XXXCUS_TOP) (System Administrator responsibility).

2) Create a Directory Structure on the Linux Server Box for the Custom Module under the Appltop main directory. (Directory Name – XXXCUS)















3) Modify the Environment Files and Run the environment files.

4) Create a Database schema/user (Name : XXXCUS). Grant connect and resource privileges to the schema/user.

5) Register the Database Schema with System Administrator Responsibility(XXXCUS) (System Administrator responsibility).

6) Add Custom Database schema/Application to the Standard Data Group (System Administrator responsibility).

7) Create a blank menu (without any forms/functions attached to it) (System Administrator Responsibility).

8) Create a blank request group for the custom application.

9) Create a default responsibility with the menu and request group as created above in step 7 and 8 (System Administrator responsibility).

10) Attach the responsibility to the user (System Administrator responsibility).

11) Bounce the Apache/Forms Server.

Activities in the custom module

1) Create all the custom tabkes/views/sequences in the custom schema and create the corresponding synonyms in apps schema. Register all the custom table,views and sequences in Application object library also.

2) Register all the custom forms with custom application. Attach all the functions to the custom module menu.

3) Register all the custom concurrent programs with custom application.Attach all the concurrent programs to the custom request group.

4) Deploy all the custom form .fmb's in AU_TOP and the .fmx in custom top/forms directory.

5) All the custom file objects will be deployed in the respective directories under the custom top.

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