Saturday, June 6, 2009

Convert HR Full Mode to Shared Mode Part2

Changing an Oracle Applications instance from FULL HR and/or FULL Payroll Install to SHARED HR and/or SHARED Payroll Install

If the 'Install Status' column IS NOT populated as Installed(I) for any legislation,
changing this instance from FULL HR Install to SHARED HR Install IS supported.

If it is found from running the script that you have never run the hrglobal.drv script
(legislations ARE NOT installed against your instance), then changing this instance
from FULL HR Install to SHARED HR Install is quite simple.

Just run the following script to flip the flag in table FND_PRODUCT_INSTALLATIONS
from Installed(I) to Shared Installed(S):

set STATUS = 'S'
where APPLICATION_ID = 800;

application_id = 453 = HRi = Human Resources Intelligence
application_id = 800 = PER = Human Resources
application_id = 801 = PAY = Payroll
application_id = 804 = SSP = SSP
application_id = 805 = BEN = Advanced Benefits
application_id = 808 = HXT = Time and Labor
application_id = 809 = HXC = Time and Labor Engine
application_id = 810 = OTA = Learning Management
application_id = 8301 = GHR = US Federal Human Resources
application_id = 8302 = PQH = Public Sector HR
application_id = 8303 = PQP = Public Sector Payroll
application_id = 8403 = LD = Labor Distribution

The following script will display your current Installation STATUS for
each of the above named Oracle HRMS related products:

SELECT a.application_name,
FROM fnd_application_vl a, fnd_product_installations b
WHERE a.application_id = b.application_id
AND b.application_id IN (453,800,801,804,805,808,809,810,8301,8302,8303,8403)
ORDER BY a.application_id;

Based on your output of the above script, the 'update FND_PRODUCT_INSTALLATIONS' script
can be altered as needed.

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