Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Connect Toad with Oracle Database

This is for beginners who want to connect Toad to 10g Database

Install 10g client on windows or 10g Developer-Suite,which is a simple task of accepting the defaults and clicking Next on the OUI screen.

After installing Oracle D2k…….or Oracle 10g client

Choose Net Configuration Assistant in Oracle DevsuiteHome1

from START Menu >>Programs

Then choose Net Service Name configuration and click next

Chosse Add and click next

Enter the Service name as VIS which is the ORACLE_SID(Database Name) for our instance

You can get it from Linux terminal by going to oracle user (#su – oracle)

And type ($echo $ORACLE_SID) and press Enter which gives a name.

This should be entered in text box in next screen.

Then choose TCP and click Next

Next type the Hostname (IP-address) of the machine.

You can get this by typing (#hostname –i) in terminal

Enter the port number as 1521 and click next, you can the port number using following command as oracle user

$lsnrctl status $ORACLE_SID|grep -i port

Choose yes,Perform test and click next

It should return Test...Successful

Choose no and click next and follow the screen shots hereafter…..

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