Saturday, June 6, 2009

Color changes and Profile Options

In E-Business Suite, Oracle Forms screens may be invoked by actions taken on the E-Business Suite Professional User Interface or other self-service screens. In order to run these screens, a URL is constructed using information in profiles ‘Java Look and Feel’ and ‘Java Color Scheme’.

  • To specify the look and feel, set profile ‘Java Look and Feel’ to either generic or oracle at either the user or the responsibility level.
  • If the oracle look and feel is used, the profile ‘Java Color Scheme’ can be specified as follows: teal, titanium, red, khaki, blue, olive, or purple.
  • The ‘Java Color Scheme’ profile has no effect if ‘Java Look and Feel’ is set to generic.

E-Business Suite by default renders:

  • required fields in yellow
  • queryable fields in a different colour while in enter-query mode
  • fields that cannot be entered (read-only fields) in gray

To turn off these features when running Oracle Forms through the E-Business Suite Professional User Interface, set profile ‘FND: Indicator Colors’ to No at either the responsibility or the user level.

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