Friday, June 26, 2009

Collect the Trace and FND Debug Log


Enable SQL*Trace by choosing Help > Diagnostics > Trace > Trace with binds

Simulate the error

Disable SQL*Trace by choosing Help > Diagnostics > Trace > Trace off

Collect the trace


Sample setting to debug everything :

Set the profile options depending what you want to debug:

FND: Debug Log Enabled YES
FND: Debug Log Filename NULL
FND: Debug Log Level STATEMENT
FND: Debug Log Module %

If you are tracking the debug messages for a concurrent request, note down the Concurrent Request id. Otherwise, note down current max value of log sequence retrieved as follows :


Run your test case

spool the output of the following to a .xls spreadsheet:

a) If you are debugging a concurrent process :

SELECT log.module , log.message_text message
FROM fnd_log_messages log,
fnd_log_transaction_context con
WHERE con.transaction_id = request_id
AND con.transaction_type = 'REQUEST'
AND con.transaction_context_id = log.transaction_context_id
ORDER BY log.log_sequence;

b) Otherwise,

SELECT module, message_text
FROM fnd_log_messages
WHERE log_sequence > &max_log_from_step2
ORDER BY log_sequence;

Dont forget to disable the FND profile options and Trace once you finish the activity.

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